Best answer: Do you have to be naked for a mole map?

At your first appointment, a baseline photographic record of your skin is created, wearing only your underwear. After that, they individually map each mole or lesion of concern, using a special camera.

What do you wear to a MoleMap?

Preparing for Mole Mapping

When preparing for your full body mole mapping, we ask that you do not wear any fake tan, makeup or nail polish. You should also wear plain-coloured underwear to the mole mapping session.

What is involved in mole mapping?

Mole mapping, also known as Automated Total Body Mapping (ATBM), involves a specialized computer taking photos of your entire body and then combining these photos into a complete image of your body. This baseline image is then compared to your whole body photograph during your follow-up visit (usually the next year).

What do you wear to a skin check?

Please do not wear any makeup, artificial tanner or hand or toe nail polish to your appointment. This is so your doctor has a clear and unobstructed view of your skin. During a skin check your doctor will ask you to undress down to your undergarments.

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Is a MoleMap worth it?

Dermatologists agree that mole mapping can save both lives and money, as it helps specialists to detect deadly melanomas earlier, reducing the need for invasive surgery, expensive cancer treatments and palliative care.

What is the difference between mole mapping and skin check?

Unlike most skin checks, mole mapping is a complete surveillance programme that includes both total body photography and digital dermoscopy to detect the signs of melanoma and other skin cancers early – essentially to ​’nip skin cancer in the bud’ before it can spread and become life-threatening.

Can you have fake tan on for a skin check?

If you have applied fake tan or spray tan recently, we suggest putting off your skin check for a few weeks. (We can still check your skin if you are wearing fake tan, but it tends to change the appearance of your spots when examined and photographed. Dry skin can make spots harder to examine.

Who needs mole mapping?

Mole mapping may be recommended or people who have a higher risk of melanoma, including those with some of the following:

  • A history of atypical moles called dysplastic nevi, which may have an irregular shape or an uneven color.
  • More than 50 moles.
  • Fair skin and light-colored eyes.
  • A family or personal history of melanoma.

How much does mole mapping cost UK?

How much does mole mapping cost? Full body mole mapping at the Harley Street Dermatology Practice costs £350. This includes a consultation with one of our highly experienced consultants and a copy of your mole map summary for your own reference.

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Is mole mapping covered by insurance?

At the moment, mole mapping is available under some health insurance policies – but only if it has been recommended to a patient by a dermatologist who has deemed the patient to be at high risk of melanoma or skin cancer.

Do dermatologists look at private parts?

Some dermatologists do a full-body exam in every sense of the phrase, including genital and perianal skin. Others address these areas only if a patient specifically requests them. If you’ve noted any concerning spots in this area, raise them.

Should I shave before skin check?

Try not to shave or wax in the days prior to your appointment, so ingrown hairs, scabs, and pimples have a chance to heal. Remove nail polish and let down your hair because your doctor will look at your nails and scalp. Take off foundation and make-up before your appointment.

Can I wear makeup to a skin check?

Avoid wearing makeup and nail polish to your skin screening

Come to your skin screening without wearing makeup or nail polish. Because they cover up areas of your skin where cancer can occur, it’s best to avoid these products the day of your exam to ensure your dermatologist can do a thorough screening.

How much is a mole map?

A Full Body MoleMap costs $399 – this is our most comprehensive service (includes skin-mapping over time) and is recommended for first-time patients and anyone considered medium to high risk. For returning patients, a Full Body Follow-up starts from $299 (this may vary depending on the unique nature of your skin).

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How often should you get mole mapping?

There’s a good reason we recommend having a MoleMap every year. That’s because around half of melanomas are new and don’t come from an existing mole1 — however, the earlier we detect something new or changing, the better the outcome.