How many moles are in 1200 grams of NH3?

How many moles are in a gram of NH3?

Since molar mass of NH3 is 17 (14+1×3) one mole contains 17 gram. Hence 9 moles are present in 153gm(153/17=9). Molar mass = mass of the one mole of the substance .

How do you find the number of moles in NH3?

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You can view more details on each measurement unit: molecular weight of NH3 or grams This compound is also known as Ammonia. The SI base unit for amount of substance is the mole. 1 mole is equal to 1 moles NH3, or 17.03052 grams.

How many moles are in 50 grams of NH3?

50×1/17 = 2.9411 number of moles present in 50g of NH3.

How many moles are in 25.0 grams of NH3?

There are 8.835 x 1023 molecules of NH3 N H 3 in 25 grams of NH3 N H 3 .

How many grams are in 2 moles of NH3?

1mol of nitrogen has a mass of 28.02g, while 3mol of hydrogen has a mass of 6.06g, and 2mol of ammonia has a mass of 34.08g.

How much is a mole of ammonia?

17.03052 g/mol .

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How many moles of ammonia are in 51 grams of NH3?

Ammonia is NH3, nitrogen has atomic mass 14 and hydrogen has atomic mass 1, so each mole of ammonia weighs 17g. Therefore, 51g is 3 moles.

How many moles of NH3 are in a 34 gram sample?

no. Of moles (n) = m/M = 34/17 = 2 moles.

How do I calculate moles?

So in order to calculate the number of moles of any substance present in the sample, we simply divide the given weight of the substance by its molar mass. Where ‘n’ is the number of moles, ‘m’ is the given mass and ‘M’ is the molar mass.