Quick Answer: Where do mole rats live?

What does mole-rat eat?

Mole-rats eat the underground parts of plants. They typically only consume part of a root or tuber, leaving enough behind for it to survive and provide another meal.

Can mole rats hurt you?

Because the mole’s teeth are very sharp incisors, it can pierce the skin and cause a slight bit of bleeding. Sometimes, however, a mole might bite and not break the skin. This happens more often than not if a mole has decided to use its teeth for defense; the objective isn’t to hurt a human or animal.

Where do the mole-rat and a real mole live?

Naked mole rats live underground in the dry, arid regions of Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. These unique animals are rodents, but they are more closely related to porcupines and guinea pigs than they are to either moles or rats.

Do mole rats smell?

African naked mole rats live underground and never come out. They are tiny, toothy, and blind; they look like little pink sausages; and they smell bad. These creatures, the only mammals that are coldblooded, typically live in big colonies of 300 members about six feet underground.

Do mole rats have a queen?

Only one female in a colony of naked mole-rats produces offspring; this female is called the queen. She mates with only a few of the colony’s males, and these relationships can remain stable for many years.

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